Vini Colombo

Who we are

Little by little, not only the vines, but everything else responded to the transformation.

Between the vines new flowers bloomed, which attracted new insects.

Bees, butterflies, lady birds, praying mantis, crickets and many others now populate the countryside.

All this together, working in symbiosis, has brought results.

Thanks to the outstanding East-to-West exposure of its vineyards and the lake’s distinctive microclimate, it produces wines of extraordinary intensity and flavor. 

Century-old olive trees surround the estate, where vine-growing, “terroir” and man yield wines that blend modernity with tradition. 

Our hard work is aimed at maintaining and improving all of this.

Now, with the opening of the wine shop of the Colombo winery, you have the chance to taste our wines, to share our passion and enjoy our beautiful countryside.